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The winter in Jian

The winter in Jiangnan is not like winter. Its just a rainy day, and its less of a sun.
Open your eyes, always habitually look out the window, fantasizing to open the curtains, a sun as soon as possible. However, it is not my fantasy. I sat on the edge of the bed, and I was confused for a long time before I got ready to get up. Take your school bag, hold up the umbrella, and walk on campus. The maple leaves on the campus fell to the ground. Although the rain was always down Marlboro Lights, the maple leaves seemed to be completely devoid of signs of getting wet. Every piece is complete. The breeze blows, the maple leaves are blown away, but no matter where they are blown, they all maintain a perfect posture. Although the winter in the south of the Yangtze River is not cold, the wind blows on the face, and there is still a stinging feeling. Then, how strong the maple leaves are. I walked slowly, the maple leaves along the way, the drops of raindrops, is it letting me retain the fall? I like autumn Marlboro Cigarettes. Because autumn has a special mood. Unfortunately, I can't keep it. All I can do is appreciate the last gift that I left for me in the autumn. I have always seen beautiful flowers and plants. I can't help but want to pick one. I know this is a bad behavior. I should let them grow freely and leave the beautiful scenery to more people. When faced with this large piece of maple leaf, I can't bear it. I want them to lie freely in the arms of the earth and enjoy the last temperature. Although the rain is falling, they fall on them, they become more clear, and they are baptized by the rain Wholesale Cigarettes, they can stay in the arms of the earth comfortably, turn into the earth, wait for the autumn to listen, the quiet campus, only the wind The sound of blowing rain. Look, the promenade in the distance, there is no prosperous scene. The steps washed by the rain were exceptionally bright, and the starting point of the lake was smashed Carton Of Cigarettes, but the white gull did not know where to go. Looking at the lead-gray sky, I was thinking: Is winter really coming? Yes, winter is coming, taking the autumn away. You don't need to miss it either. In the four seasons of reincarnation, life can't always be a style.
Autumn is ending like this, quietly, I am looking forward to the winter sun, giving the maple leaves warmth and condolences to the fall Newport Cigarettes. This is not an unattainable fantasy, the sun will come as soon as possible. Gentle warmth Everything in the world Quietly, I leave your world, just as you pass through my world. Maple leaves remain, no trace in autumn
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