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Tempering Furnace

Box type tempering furnace
Box type tempering furnace is cycle operation type furnace. The utility model is mainly used for heat treatment processing of metal parts or alloy steel parts in air. With the control cabinet, manual or automatic control of the temperature of the furnace.
Main technical parameters:
1. Application: for fasteners after the electroplating of hydrogen embrittlement treatment;
2. Load capacity: the smallest model 1 ton / furnace, the largest model 5 tons / furnace;
3. Effective loading space: width 1200mm, height 1000mm-1800mm (every 200mm for a model); length 2000mm-6000mm (every 1000mm for a model); special size can be customized.
4. Heating power: 75-200KW;
5. Heating method: electric heating;
6. Electrical control: computer (touch-type man-machine interface),
7. Complete set of equipment recommended: Standard configuration: annealing furnace + electrical control systemTempering Furnace


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