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pcb material library

pcb material library

At Bay Area Circuits, to offer many different types of PCB materials for PCB manufacture, from standard FR4 material to Ceramic Polymer, Ceramic/PTFE, Hydrocarbon/Ceramic, PTFE Composite & Polyimide materials, we work with a variety of material suppliers including Arlon, Isola, Iteq, Nelco, Rogers, Taconic & Ventec.To get more news about Isola 370HR PCB, you can visit pcbmake official website.

Our Material Library provides links to data sheets for many of the more popular PCB materials we offer for a variety of applications including; RF/Microwave, Signal Integrity & Temperature Cycling.  This is by no means an all-inclusive list of materials we offer so please contact us for information on other available material suppliers and types.

Your application should influence your choice of PCB material (e.g. printed circuit board assemblies). If you need assistance selecting the right material – whether it’s standard FR4 material or something unique – contact our customer service team and we’ll be glad to assist!


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