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Is it worth playing World of Warcraft

Is it worth playing World of Warcraft

Now might be the best time to get back into World of Warcraft, with a gear reset, level squish, new starting zones for new players, a revamped tutorial experience, new customization, and an all-new story with the Shadowlands expansion. For more detail, read on below.To get more news about buy wow boe items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
World of Warcraft just got a massive update, dubbed 9.0, which revamps the entire game for the Shadowlands expansion.
Now is a better time than ever before to get back into the game, thanks to a totally new leveling experience with a smoother story.
New customization features add flavor, with new allied races to try out if you haven't played for a while.
For recent players, Shadowlands features some of the best cinematic work Blizzard has done in a quest experience yet.
Without spoilers, Sylvanas has destroyed the veil between reality and the afterlife, creating an imbalance that could see the spirit world of death, the Shadowlands, engulf the realm of the living.
The big bad (as far as we know) is a mysterious entity known as The Jailer, formerly imprisoned in the Shadowlands. The Jailer has now turned that prison and all of its inhabitants into his own personal army.
The new Shadowlands zones are interesting, with memorable characters and returning heroes (and villains) banished to the afterlife.
The new dungeons are often shorter than they were in Legion or Battle for Azeroth but have very cool mechanics.
We're still trying to get through the endgame content to give a more definitive answer, but there seems to be more to do than ever before.
We have an infinitely-regenerating randomized dungeon called Torghast, Legion Order Hall-like Covenants to build up and join, and new progression systems that thus far seem far more interesting than Battle for Azeroth's Warfronts or Island Expeditions.


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