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Aluminum Chain Curtains Inspired by the Ecuadorian Textile Tradition

Aluminum Chain Curtains Inspired by the Ecuadorian Textile Tradition

Kriskadecor clothes the Ecuador pavilion, the work designed by Zorrozua y Asociados. The project was inspired by the concept of “Living Well” (or Sumak Kawsay in Quechua), which is interpreted through the combination of traditional shapes and designs. The folkloristic motifs chosen to adorn the façade were inspired by the artisanal textile tradition of the Otavalo region and represent the Ecuadorian culture.To get more news about aluminum chain curtain, you can visit official website.
Thanks to the use of Kriskadecor aluminium curtains we get, on every side of the building, a unique composition. The visitor becomes captivated by the façade’s great visual impact, which manages to frame the construction with a strong, chromatic emphasis that makes it stand out from the other pavilions. In this case, the range of colours and sheens from the autochthonous Ecuadorian fabrics were sought. The colours used are yellow, red, lilac, blue and green tones that represent the whole spectrum of colours that exist in the country’s regions. Moreover, the effects of the sun and night light have also been taken into account to achieve a much more powerful perception of the colours.
Then the sensation of movement is added, offered by the curtains, simulating the flow of the fabrics themselves.The curtains, made of Kriskadecor anodised aluminium chain, are an optimal support to reproduce any type of design. Anodising is a process that is used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide coat on metallic parts, therefore creating an artificial protective coating that means in can be dyed in a vast array of colours.

This project is divided into four sides with an average height of 9 metres, reaching 10,5 metres at some points. The north face and the south face are 25,4 metres wide, while the east and the west are 15 metres each. The lightness of the material has allowed for the creation of this metallic structure with enormous proportions.


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