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Aluminium Chain Link Curtain for curtain wall decoration

Aluminium Chain Link Curtain for curtain wall decoration

Do you know any technical specifications for aluminum chain link curtains?Metal Wire Mesh company tell you.To get more news about chain link curtain, you can visit official website.

1. Anodised aluminium links thickness  2.0mm and 1.6mm.

2. Maximum static load without break: 2.0mm 17kg (approx.) / 1.6mm 11 kg (approx.)

3. Aluminium Chain with anodized coating between 8,5 and 12 microns, depending of colour and finish.

4. Soft finish. No roughness perceptible in coating when microscopically magnified up to 23 times.

5. 40% to 60% opacity with a 90º incidence of light, depending on the spacing between chains and on the finishing of the chains (brilliant or satin).

6. No electrical conductivity.

7. No sound absorption.

8. Non-flammable. Fire ratings A1 and A1FL

9. Resistant to acids with a pH value up to 8 (not resistant to alkaline products).

10. Avoid cleaning with products with pH higher than 8.


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