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Material Insight: Metallic Carbon Cloth

Material Insight: Metallic Carbon Cloth

A process that gives traditional carbon fiber, which is always black, an alternative effect by coating the surface with a thin metal.  Titanium is most commonly used, though other metals and alloys can be used as well. The new material keeps the performance of carbon fiber with a twist on the aesthetic. The thickness of the metal creates ‘interference’ colors over a spectrum that can be precisely controlled to produce a single or multicolor effect. The type of fabric is completely customizable, including the construction of the carbon fiber, the type of yarn, including glass fiber and hybrid cloths, as well as the denier of the yarn.To get more news about metallic fabric cloth, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

The coated carbon cloth can be cut, laminated, and have some abrasion resistance, though the metal coating will wear off over time, necessitating a clear topcoat for applications that experience wear and tear. Applications are for automotive interior trims, exterior parts, and body panels, as well as consumer products.


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