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Metal Chain Door Fly Screen

Metal Chain Door Fly Screen

Metal Chain Door Fly Screen Tropical Fish pattern. Made of strong aluminium chain links. Standard size 90cm x 210cm.To get more news about chain fly screen, you can visit mesh-fabrics official website.

These patterned chain insect curtains are Environmental Health Approved meeting UK Food Hygiene Standards.

Made of European aluminium chain links and not some cheap imitation.

Suitable for commercial or domestic use, our Metal Chain Door Fly Screens are used widely in pub kitchens, restaurant kitchens, schools, colleges, cafes, take aways, coffee bars, butchers and fishmonger shops including well known food and restaurant chains.

Our ready made and ready to hang screens are also of use in the home. Use on kitchen doors, patio doors, double doors, French and conservatory doors for stopping and preventing an invasion of flies and flying insect pests.

* Chain link strips attached to a strong aluminium header rail

• Easy to hang on 2 x cup hooks or 2 x round headed screws fitted to the top of the door frame

• Will last for years and are rust proof

• Easy to wash in soapy water at the beginning of each season


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