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single look simply looks cool and trendy

We Care - In October the team sold selected pictures at a vernissage to support the Hummelkind Visite e.V. project in Berlin with the proceeds.

The Kroma collection identifies the rigor and purity of individual colorations. Each color in its spectrum has a very individual identity, which in combination with the texture and the buy human hair wigs hairstyle finish gives the hair an absolutely singular touch. Freedom and personality come together in a strong and very personal expression.

Hair: Suzie McGill & Dylan Brittain
Photography: John Rawson
Styling: Clare Frith
Make up: Maddie Austin
Images: FPA … -Hair.html

The Moderns Kids Club - Iconic, crazy and absolutely hip. From a world where you look as good at 6 a.m. as you do at 6 p.m.! Fashion is the laboratory where experimentation takes place with passion: a mix of extremely precise, artistic cuts, iconic shapes and trendy colors, where every single look simply looks cool and trendy.


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