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Polyurethane Male Condom84

Product Name:Polyurethane Male Condom
Product Description:
Polyurethane Male Condom,Condom
Product Website:
Company Description
Suzhou KB Healthcare Teconologies Co., Ltd
Address:JiangsuJiangsuSuzhouGusuRoom 412A, Building D1, No. 1599, West Chengbei Road, Gusu District, Suzhou, China
Descption:KB healthcare is a professional company which make research & design, manufacturing and sales of healthcare products from 2010, and we are the earliest company who make research of environment friendly water-based polymer materials in China, and put into material production and also finished goods production. Our main products now is polyurethane male and female condom, and water-borne polyurethane gloves.

We have very high-end central laboratory located in Shanghai for more than 1000 square meters, and have a big team of more than 20 researchers including 2 doctors, and more than 10 masters. And several advanced test equipment. We also have long term cooperation relationship with universities and research institutes.

Our company own 15 patents including 2 patents in USA, those patents from raw material and way of production condoms and gloves, our 0.01 thickness condom technology is the best in the world, we are global partner of Durex and RB group. And all 0.01 condom of China brands are produced by our factory, we are the only factory in China can produce polyurethane 0.01 condom in China. One of the leading producer in the world.
Registered Capital:500
Suzhou KB Healthcare Teconologies Co., Ltd
Contact:Ying Hang
Company Website:


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