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In the Vanilla World of Warcraft gold was a much-needed resource to maintain leveling speed, gear up, level professions, buy necessary consumables, trade with others and pretty much everything else. Unlike the retail version of the WoW, it was a precious thing, and every piece of copper was scrapped from enemy purses on all occasions. If you were not careful enough with your expenses, you might have run out of gold, which would drastically slow down your journey to 60 and beyond. By earning more coins than other players, you could have quickly get ahead in your leveling. Getting better consumables, equipment, and weapons make everything more smooth and easy. This is the exact reason why we are bringing to you this gold making guide - make your life easier and start farming coins in World of Warcraft Classic with our guide!To get more news about buy gold classic wow, you can visit lootwowgold official website.
Hunters have available some great ways to make gold during Vanilla. As pet users, they can redirect damage they receive to their companions, which makes them very efficient during leveling stages of the game as well as later on. They do not need to waste as many consumables as other classes, and therefore they spend less gold on them.

They are a fantastic class to do solo content. While your pet is soaking all incoming damage, you can focus on killing your foes. Only Hunters and Warlocks can solo high-level dungeons. Because of that, they can clear them collecting all the gold and precious loot for themselves. On top of that, they have various movement abilities to pass through content at a faster pace, and they can feign death to lose aggro when they are in danger. All of this makes them perfect for clearing dungeons on their own.

By soloing Diremaul tribute runs Hunters can make up to 150 gold per hour which is an insane amount of coins on Vanilla. Another great dungeon that they can solo is Maraudon, which requires Scepter of Celebras. By killing Princess Theradras, Goblin Tinkerer and Rotgrip, you can get a lot of items which can later be sold to a vendor for a good amount of gold. All of this can be done solo by level 60 Hunters with decent gear.

Warriors are without a doubt the best tanking class in the Classic WoW. Because of that they are always on high demand and welcome in pretty much every group. If you want to make some extra gold you can take advantage of this fact. Many parties who are waiting to go inside dungeons can pay good amount of cash for tanking services. On top of that Warriors can reserve most precious loot before runs to be additionally profitable. Although it is usually not a morally good thing to do and completely out of team spirit - it is great way to get rich quickly.

Additionally Warriors can do east wing of Diremaul with healer. By clearing bosses that reside within this area they can easily make some good gold. There are also Thorium veins which can be mined so make sure that one of you have Mining to maximize profits. Another useful profession would be Enchanting which can greatly improve gold made. You can disenchant not needed pieces of equipment which will give you good amount resources to use or even sell for more coins.


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