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wins $5M on scratch-off lottery ticket

wins $5M on scratch-off lottery ticket

A Longview resident has claimed a top $5 million prize in a Texas Lottery scratch-off game.Get more news about LOTO彩票包网 ,you can vist

The resident, who the Texas Lottery said in a statement opted to remain anonymous, bought the ticket at Lil Tommy’s Gas & Go at U.S. 259 and George Richey Road north of Longview.

The winnings came on the $50 scratch-off ticket, Premier Play game.

The game has has three top prizes of $5 million and $200 million in total winnings. The Longview player got the last of the three $5 million prizes.

The store is owned by brothers Tony and Tom Holyfield, and the store opened a year-and-a-half ago. They also are partners at a dealership now appropriately named Best Chance Auto on East Marshall in Longview.Tony Holyfield said the person who won Monday immediately drove to a Texas Lottery claim center in Tyler.

“We have regulars who come in to buy $50 tickets each, and every day, so we were happy that one of our regulars was able to purchase the winner,” he said. “We sell a lot of high-end tickets there. We get a lot of people winning $500 a lot, but it’s like everything, you can spend $5,000 and win or buy one ticket and win.”

In its 18 months in business, Lil Tommy’s Gas & Go has sold a $20,000 winner and some other tickets with prizes in the thousands of dollars.

Customers have been coming in to verify it was the store that sold the winning $5 million ticket and have asked, “Well, do you have another one?”It’s been fun, and we’ve had a lot more people coming in,” said Tony Holyfield. “To only be open that long and have a $5 million ticket, we are very lucky.”

The Texas Lottery is delivering a sign today that will be in the store and out in the road. The brothers said the location is why they opened.

“It was such a great location. There wasn’t anything heading out of town on that side of the road, and it was a great investment, not just for the community but hopefully down the road,” said Tony Holyfield. “There is so much being built north of the town. We own that corner and we own the empty office space next to the store, we haven’t done anything with also.”

Eric Eason of Longview, who was at the store Wednesday, did not know the store sold a $5 million ticket.


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