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The car carries a group

The car carries a group of children in a busy city. In a hurry, the sky is gray, there are many high-rise buildings everywhere. There are only a few artificial plastic trees on the roadside. There are no birds singing in the trees. The fish in the muddy water can no longer be seen. The air is filled with smoke. the taste of. The car kept whistling and carrying the happy children. Along the way, they laughed, jumped, and sang countless sweet nursery rhymes. In the blink of an eye, the car drove into a large expanse of woods, the children stopped the noisy, concentrated on the beautiful scenery outside the window; the woods, the birds and flowers, the distant rice fields are scattered...Everything is green. The children opened their mouths and said in unison: "It's beautiful!" The car rushed to the destination with the children's happiness, and the children rushed out of the car. "Call!" These children breathe fresh air, as if the thirsty baby is desperately sucking sweet milk. They came to the creek, took the clear stream to quench their thirst, and caught the fish in the cracks. The child observes the grass and the wood with a novelty, one flower and one bird. They carefully touch the green grass with their small hands and gently sniff the blooming flowers. Some children have tears in their eyes. "How beautiful! We have to live like this." They all mourn in the bottom of their hearts. On the way back, the children looked at the window silently, their eyes became firm, and they raised a round of sun in their hearts. They believed that all this would change, and the sun would illuminate the way they marched. s with their tender little hands. They walked up the street, planed the plastic trees, and carefully planted their hopes. Look! A small tree stands upright, and the blossoming flowers slowly bloom. The air begins to permeate the long-lost fragrance, and the birds come back to build their nests Marlboro Cigarettes. The water is getting clearer, the fish can swim again, and the sky turns blue again. Mom and Dad also began to join them. The children laughed happily, and the glittering drops of sweat dripped on the bright red scarf on the chest. They quietly cheer for themselves in the bottom of their hearts, starting from bit by bit, building our beautiful China! They have unfolded a vast picture in their hearts, this is the beautiful China in their hearts! Let the green shade cover every street of the city, let the flowers bloom in every inch of the land of the motherland. The road is white with silver frost, a single step, the wind is faint, and the house is dark. One day passed, and a purposeless yesterday was locked forever in the memory of the blind. Silently, standing for a while, turned around in a self-deprecating, and went back to the house to look at the colorful patterns on the screen, only to find out that his life may be really less. The boring advertisements flashed past, and I love animations on weekdays. I unrestrictedly rejected various cartoons. What's wrong? A documentary film caught my eye C an interview with a boy who lost his hands since childhood. Later, he had to admire him; he had no hands since he was a child, and he was once ridiculed and became very inferior. For various reasons, he was forced to drop out of school in the third grade Marlboro Red, so he decided to do everything he could to reduce the burden on the family. First of all, he has to practice cycling. However, because he was not at ease, his family forbidden him to learn, but he took advantage of them and fell out of good car skills. Although there is no hand, the car technology is no less than ordinary people. Later, he also edited the bamboo scoop; although the sharpness of the bamboo piece is easy to cut the foot, he has come over; he is not willing to the status quo Wholesale Cigarettes, he is also engaged in the grafting industry, and the first time the watermelon seedlings are grafted with the Hulugen With a 95% chance of survival, he was smiling and not convinced of his tragic life, crying. Seeing this, I have to reflect on myself; day after day, I always spend in the indifference, one after another golden time wasted on naive cartoons, and always loves to make unnecessary arguments with my brother, even I dont know this. It was me who wanted to dominate the world! God, maybe I was so tired and tired of thinking about the silent loneliness, silently, turning off the TV. Come to the desk, the messy table, test my perseverance; maybe I can do something! The table was very clean and tidy, and the haircut type, looking in the mirror, or outside the window, was already late at night. But my heart is like a white, because from now on it will never lose the glory of the sun, since the choice of the front is destined to be a storm! Let us go find the sun in the heart!
Back in the city, they picked up their heavy hoe
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