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That's What I have been performing in 2k21

I think part of Nba 2k21 Mt it has to do with the new stick function cause I sued to utilize it for just dunking but today it belongs to layup timings. I feel like they have left no assigned dunk packages on the my players so that they just never go for them. I dropped stepped from the post into a standing dip, but as a centre. For whatever reasonour MyPlayers don't have contact animations equipped, regardless of ratings. I did a 6'8 PF and yammed on Giannis. The demo has to be on HoF because I've never seen numerous air balls in 1 game in my life. Literally not possible to shoot or get around defenders.

Yo I actually dig the shooting, and I would say I've been a fairly below typical shooter in the previous 2Ks. This one I drilled most of my receptive corner 3s. I was the best at shooting I've ever been at 2k20, but now after taking a break for a while idk if I suck in 2k21 or just suck at shooting . I was looking for this comment hahaha individuals we calling him Wilt Chamberlain. They not fumble that bag on following gen.

They are if we're being honest. Oh boy should they do will you envision, it be the end of 2k if we started off next gen using a garbage game. It will not be because people will whine like every other match and buy the next release like nothing happened. People say this shit every year and they go and purchase the most expensive edition of the following match, then they exclaim"WHY AREN'T THEY FIXING THIS SHIT?!"

It's likely to be the same lmao. People might get it. It is the same shit every year and yet people keep searching for reasons why it will not be. It's literally the definition of Insanity. I discovered when I got cold after taking up all of the shots, my entire team got chilly also. We was running up the ground with the entire group on ice hockey, though no one else even took a shot. Makes sense though, bc if you have got a ballhog taking all the shots, everybody else is begging na be from rhythm.

35g for 5 games, 2ku, and just 6 slots that are available for player assembles....hmm I am no developer but 35g is insane for how little we get in the demonstration. What gets me is that the damn restrictions. Like why? What type of demo places a limit?! It is one thing if a Beta ends imagine COD beta only enables you to Buy mt nba 2k21 begin the match 5 times maximum even though there is 10 days left. The fuck?


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