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m in Beijing on Monday. Photo: Courtesy of Li Xinyue from the Korean C

The Jun Eun-ja dance troupe perform in Beijing on Monday. Photo: Courtesy of Li Xinyue from the Korean Cultural Center in China

Hosted by the Korean Cultural Center in China with support from institutions including the Embassy of the ROK in China Orioles Zach Britton Jersey , Korea Cultural Performance Day, a 2-hour performance of traditional South Korean music and dance and modern cultural projects, was unveiled on Monday in Beijing.

Giving a speech in fluent Chinese, Han Jae-heuk, head of the Korean Cultural Center in China, pointed out at the opening that the performance was a good opportunity for person-to-person cultural exchange between South Korea and China.

He mentioned that the performance was relevant as next year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea, as well as the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Korean Cultural Center in Beijing.

Hundreds came to attend Monday's performance.

The show kicked off with the traditional Korean Three Drums Dance, performed by nine female performers dressed in colorful traditional costumes.

Other activities included traditional dances performed by the Jun Eun-ja dance troupe, a performance of the popular South Korean musical Bibap, a Taekwondo performance by the Korea National Taekwondo Demo Team and a fashion show showing off clothing designs by South Korean designer Jun Yang-bae that made use of "hanji," a special type of South Korean paper.

Home Owner Insurance Quote Comparison

Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th, 2010

Making a home owner insurance quote comparison goes beyond just comparing the prices of each quote you聮re offered. Why choose the cheapest home owner insurance quote if it doesn聮t offer the coverage and protection you need?

The first step you should take to make a home owner insurance comparison is talk with your neighbors about the home owner insurance companies with which they do business. Are they satisfied with these companies? Do these companies work well with homes in your area? You can start developing your list of companies to consider based on your neighbors聮 responses.

Next, do a bit of research about the companies in which you聮re interested. Check out their ratings to find their financial strengths. You can contact independent research companies or even your state聮s department of insurance for this information.

Then, take a thorough inventory of your home. Do this before contacting the home owner insurance companies. When you ask for a home owner insurance quote, the company is going to want to know how much coverage you want, and they can help you determine coverage by taking a look at your home聮s contents and your valuable possessions.

Based on your home聮s inventory and other personal information the company asks for, you聮ll be offered a home owner insurance quote. If a particular company offers you a quote without asking about your inventory or even offering to help you determine how much coverage you want, move on. You can聮t get a realistic quote without this information.

Finally, gather the home owner insurance quotes you聮ve gathered from financially strong and thorough companies and make your comparison. Look at the prices, as well as the coverage offered by each company. Which quote is best for you, based on your coverage needs and budget? Make sure to read the fine print of each policy possibility, too. Herein can lay deal-beakers and extra expenses of which you may otherwise be unaware.

Finance > Real EstateQuick Home Sale at Tampa Real Estate ?Real Estate Agent Can Help You Out

Posted by nick_niesen in Finance on November 8th, 2010

In selling your home in Tampa real estate, you definitely want to get the full measure of your property value. But of course, you can achieve so if you can make an excellent quick sale of your home in Tampa real estate.

Selling a home is not always that easy. It is quite difficult especially if you can鎶?have the help of your family and friends regarding selling your home quickly in Tampa real estate. In this case, the best person that can help you out in selling your home is a real estate agent. Through the professional means of the real estate agent, you can have a quick sale of your home in Tampa real estate.

Typically, you need to find a real estate agent that has the knowledge about the market and of the property prices and comparative price range of your home. So it is really best for you to find the right real estate agent that can aid you with a quick sale of your home.

You can take time in finding the right real estate agent ,do not rush out, you really have to make sure that you will have the person that has the proper knowledge and experiences in real estate, and in Tampa real estate market. You can ask for recommendation for family and friends in order to at least contact few real estate agents and can able to interview them, for you to find the right one.

As soon as you have the right real estate agent, heshe will definitely ask you to make home improvements. Your real estate agent will make you improve your home in order to attract potential buyers. Yes, indeed, you need to attract buyers in order to make quick sale of your home in Tampa real estate.

Your real estate agent will ask you to repaint your home if it needs to be repainted. Your real estate agent will let you clean the whole house and make sure it is comfortable place and spacious enough for the buyers. You need to remove unnecessary or unusable equipment or furniture.

You have to free your home from unpleasing odor. You have to clean up the bathrooms and the kitchen. Check out the faucets, if they have leaks or if they are still functioning well, if not, better to replace them with new ones.

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